"Who Else Needs A Swift Kick Of New Patients ...Or... Wants To Recall The Ones Who Got Away?"

How To Score SEVEN Kick-Butt PDF Marketing Manuals
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You get seven chiropractic marketing manuals (on a CD in PDF text format), 4 sizzling audio CD's, and some killer BONUS material when you order today!


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Monday 10:27 am

Dear Friend:

Hi. It’s Miss Marie from Dr. Nielsen’s Office, and I'm on a TOP SECRET mission this morning. And I desperately need your help.

Here’s why: Someone you know recommended that you check out this new web site ...and... Dr. Nielsen promised them he would offer you a nifty “deal” that will help you market your chiropractic practice with his amazing advertising strategies focusing on "Relationship Marketing".

This is a very easy and simple way of doing patient recall (and asking for new patients) by creating a series of unique mailings your patients will actually look forward to receiving. Think of it like a TV series where you can't wait to see what happens in the next episode.

Anyway, Dr. Nielsen wants to share this brand new material with you. And, of course, Dr. Nielsen dropped this “ball” in my lap (again) and I'm expected to handle all the inquiries from all the great people like you.

Wanna know the truth?

Dr. Nielsen has no clue what to offer you. It’s true.

However, I do.

Yep, I know EXACTLY what you all need -- Dr. Nielsen’s Chiropractic Marketing Arsenal ...including his VERY rare and "Long-Lost" Audio CD Set: “MARKETING WITHOUT A NET”. (Man, Dr. Nielsen is soooooo LUCKY to have me around).

You Get An Amazing (And Rare) Set Of CD's That
Includes Dr. Nielsen's Famous Live Lecture:
"How To Read Your Patients's Like A Book"

This set consists of 3 audio CD's that have l5 
minute topics(perfect for your daily commute back 
and forth to work)and the subjects are as follows:

On CD #1 You Will Hear...

1) "How To Read Your Patients Like A Book"
(This material is the most IMPORTANT stuff ever
taught by Dr. Nielsen ...and... Dr. Nielsen really
spills his guts on this subject) When you
finish listening to this first tape, you will feel
like a lock walking around in the city of keys!

2) "How To Turn Cheap Postcards Into $$$"
(You get the Postcard Manual...and another
CD of examples in WORD format so all you
have to do is fill in your information and print)

3) "How To Make Fake Newspaper Articles".
(All you have to do is tweak this stuff for your biz.
It's easier than painting stripes on a zebra)

On CD #2 You Will Hear...

1) "How To Write Press Releases & Thank-You Notes"
(We're telling you...this is great stuff...because no
one else is doing this!)

2) "How To Publish Your Newsletter For FREE"
(Ok, we better include about 3 years of past newsletters and other EXAMPLES as a bonus too. You are crazy if you don’t “swipe” this material!)

3) "l8 Little Known Marketing Secrets"
(Check these out...we bet you haven't heard
more than a handful of these beauties in
your lifetime!)

4) "How To Mine Your Client Mailing List".
(We’re telling ya, this is the GOOD STUFF!
Especially, the “mining” of your patient mailing
list. How much money are you losing by not
reactivating your inactive patients?) Hint: alot.
Wait...You do have a mailing list...right???

On CD #3 You Will Hear...

1) "How To Use “Reverse Marketing”
(Check this out: You sell something else on the front end
and sell your product on the backend for even more $$$)

2) "Reactivation Letters That WORK"
(Oh, man...we better also send you some more bonus material with this stuff so you can see the EXACT letters we send out to our inactive patients that bring them back into our office -- like bees to honey)

3) "How To Test Ads In Newspapers"
(Let Dr. Nielsen show you how to test ads in your
local newspapers ...and... then discover which ads
should be rolled out "big-time". Also, he will tell you when
your ad should be shot and put out of its misery)

4) "How To Write A Successful Yellow Pages Ad"
(Listen, Dr. Nielsen tells you EXACTLY...step by step...
how to have a GUARANTEED successful
Yellow Pages AD ...and... he also tells you the
“dirty little secrets” of testing ads in newspapers...
and much more)

You Also Get Seven Killer PDF Manuals 
And Two SECRET Bonus Gifts On A CD

Whew! -- Good stuff, eh? Ok, here’s how to order Dr. Nielsen’s CD's and ALL of his secret marketing manuals...wait, here’s a quick reminder of what you get today...

* PDF Manual #l: Dr. Nielsen’s EXACT Newsletters Manual
(over three years of past newsletters -- with Patient Celebrities)

* PDF Manual #2: Dr. Nielsen’s Amazing Color Recall Letters Manual
(tons of recall letters with Staff Celebrities)

* PDF Manual #3: Dr. Nielsen’s Famous Recall Postcards Manual
(one postcard for each month plus a CD with WORD FORMAT templates)

* PDF Manual #4: Dr. Nielsen’s "The Lazy Doctor's Way To Advertise" 
(a rare, out-of-print manual that is almost extinct and it details 
the EXACT "Red Ticket Letter" Dr. Nielsen sent to his patients that 
has resulted in over $1,000,000 in collections)

* PDF Manual #5: "How To Raise Fees Without A Patient Mutiny"
(a special report on how to painlessly raise your fees)

* PDF Manual #6: "The Million Dollar Collection Letter"
(a special report on how to easily collect money from patients ...
and... have them return for more care!)

* PDF Manual #7: "How To Get A FULL-PAGE Yellow Pages Ad"
(a special report that shows you how to get a full-page 
Yellow Pages Ad dirt cheap)

* PDF SECRET BONUS GIFT #1: Just order today...and...
we'll also throw in a copy of Dr. Nielsen's famous
"How To Do Your SOAP Notes In Under 15 Seconds" manual
as a SECRET BONUS. (C'mon, this manual alone is priceless 
if you are constantly behind in your daily SOAP notes!)

* PDF SECRET BONUS GIFT #2: Also, when you order today, 
we'll throw in a copy of Dr. Nielsen's newest marketing manual: 
"The Ultimate Chiropractic Business Card". If you've always wanted 
to be the "Top Of Consciousness Chiropractor" with your patients...
this is the info you've been waiting for! 

* PDF SECRET BONUS GIFT #3: Ok, if you tell us how (or, who)
sent you to this web site...we will also...send you
Dr. Nielsen's brand spanking new manual:
"Five Ways To SLASH Your Insurance Paperwork Hassles"
(This manual includes Dr. Nielsen's "Nuclear Bomb Strategy" 
to end insurance company requests for "additional information")

And Now...It's Time To Hear Some
Great Stuff About Dr. Nielsen

"Dr. Nielsen has a special gift for taking something as complicated as chiropractic marketing and breaking it down to the sub-atomic level so every doctor can understand it. I've known Dr. Nielsen for 5 years, and he continues to AMAZE me with his chiropractic marketing knowledge!"
--Dr. Steven Clauson

"Excellent material. You are a marketing genius. Thanks for
not sleeping...so you can come up with these mind-blowing creative ideas!"
--Dr. Michael Valentine

"Excellent, easy to use and follow through with. Every time
I see Dr. Nielsen's material I am amazed at his fresh ideas.
Good stuff!"
--Dr. Mitchell Shea

"Dr. Nielsen's marketing materials are incredible.
Implementing just one of his ideas
can double a practice in no time!"
--Dr. Randall Pruitt

"You have given me ideas to implement RIGHT NOW!
You've shown me things that I would never have
considered doing. You make marketing fun!"
--Dr. Richard Hightower

"Thanks Greg for a proven, tested collection of material
that I can use on Monday morning. It's nice to have real,
practical material that has been used by a collegue in
the field who knows what works."
--Dr. Troy Reistroffer

"Dr. Greg: You are always awesome with more and
more ideas!"
--Dr. David Kenemuth

"I enjoy your sense of humor. I learned it pays to have fun
and be yourself in marketing.
I've used the (xxxxxxxxxxx*) idea with success!"
(*Revealed ONLY in this course!)
--Dr. David Ginsberg

"Thanks Greg. You really show how marketing can
be fun and profitable. Your ideas
are original and exciting. AWESOME!"
--Dr. Joseph Fitzpatrick

"Awesome & Simple. Finally, some great material
that I can start using on Monday.
Thanks for the great info. Keep it coming!"
--Dr. Keatley Waldron

"Dr. Nielsen is not only a marketing genius, he's a riot
as well! His (xxxxxxxxx*) make people (including me) smile,
and when you make people happy they are more likely
to want to do business with you.
Laughter not only heals...it sells!
Thanks for your help in propelling me onward and
upward to reaching my new patient goals".
--Dr. Michael Wild
(* Revealed ONLY in this course!)

"I've actually visited Dr. Nielsen's office on several occasions. You have to see it to believe it. I swear he has a "system" in place for everything he does in his office. I made a few changes in my paperwork per Dr. Nielsen's suggestions, and I've been paid within 8 days of my billing!"
--Dr. Steve Segal

Here's How To Order

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CD's only. No paper.
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P.S. #2: Dr. Nielsen said I can keep ALL the money
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(And I am holding him to it!)

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